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The 50th Episode! Popular Sweaters and Solar Bears Prospects!

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It’s an all-over 50th episode, as we continue to find things to talk about besides the unsigned RFA’s. Is Pierre done on National Broadcasts? Bryan thinks we’re going to see MORE of him this year! Walt discloses his Patrick Kane/Jonathan Towes dreams in Chicago, while Nick exposes the REAL reason Claude Giroux’s Flyers Sweater is one of the best selling sweaters of the year.

Cody Donaghey and Clint Windsor from the Solar Bears were invited to the Lightning’s Prospect Tournament roster, joining several players who were in Orlando last season.

Pucks in the Emerald City!

The NHL announced expansion to Seattle, bringing the league to 32 teams. Bryan gives Bacon some history on the Hockey “Scene” in Seattle and the guys ponder some names for the team. One team will be the beneficiary of some difficult years ahead because of the expansion, and what the rivalry situation will be for the divisions after re-configuring. William Nylander got signed, sealed and delivered in time to join the Leafs this season, but Bryan has a serious question for the Maple Leafs. Quick hits, and more!