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Offer Sheets, NHL Awards Recap and The Draft!

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Lots happening in the first week of the offseason, with some names already off the Free Agency board, and GM chatter heating up. The NHL Awards happened and host Keenan Thompson roasted the Tampa Bay Lightning. Robin Lehner brought a serious issue to forefront during his acceptance speech, and the debate about how these awards are given. Also, the Draft is this week and the same 2 names are on the tip of everyone’s tongue…but what about AFTER those 2?

The Buffal-OMG Sabres!

The Buffalo Sabres are incredibly good right now. Bryan explains his affinity with watching the Sabres’ success continue, and why Bacon is…not so on board. Quick hits on William Nylander, Patrik Laine and the lucky Million Dollar Pastor and the Blackhawks erase yet another 1st round draft pick from their memory.